All Eyes on Gingrich in Wake of His Call for a Commission on the Gold Standard

All eyes at the debate tonight will be on the former speaker of the House, and current president aspirant, who this week dramatically moved the political discourse by calling for a new Gold Commission.

Mr. Gingrich is no stranger to gold. He was one of the seven cosponsors of Jack Kemp’s 1984 Gold Standard Act. A gold commission is an astute way of easing into a subject that every candidate fears might put them into a thicket of technicalities over their heads. Even Rep. Ron Paul, well associated with the issue, is curiously standoffish in campaigning on it, concentrating on closing military bases and auditing the Fed.

Perhaps this diffidence stems from the fact that Dr. Paul’s preference — competing currencies — is so radical, drawing a wall of separation between money and state. That’s a great system, favored late in his career by Friedrich Hayek, but it’s not exactly what the Founders of America had in mind. They understood money as a specified number of grains of silver or gold.

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