Madder Props(?) for Kurt Schuler

As I noted in a recent post, the prolific Ralph Benko gave mad props (which was what I understood kids were saying when praising someone or something last time I was even attempting to up on pop culture) to blogger Kurt Schuler.  Well, he's at it again, so thanks again to Ralph for acknowledging Kurt's work.

On site, Ralph has a post up "Lenin's Plan for the Annihilation of the Power of Money" that starts:

Two eminent monetary scholars, Michael V. White and Kurt Schuler -- as noted in an earlier posting -- published in a 2009 issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives as Retrospectives: Who Said “Debauch the Currency”: Keynes or Lenin? 

before going on to explain the Bolshevik's plans for printing lots of money not to fill their coffers but to destroy the value of money for payment.  Lenin thought work, and work alone, should be used--because, you know, evils of capitalism, etc.  (This makes me wonder if some of the work-based hourly valued local currencies such as the Ithaca hours were inspired by this idea.  Before digressing too much, note to self, write blog post on Marx and Hayek.)

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