Unemployment Will Remain High So Long As The Dollar Remains Wiggly

The Republican National Committee recently passed a resolution, by the unanimous vote of its National Committeepeople, calling for the creation of a national Monetary Commission.  This legislation is prime sponsored in the House of Representatives by Joint Economic Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Tx) and in the US Senate by Republican whip John Cornyn (R-Tx).

Cato, with a representative from Heritage, recently conducted a panel on Capitol Hill on this same proposed Commission.

Policy does not grow on trees.  Policy comes from people who command attention and have, and win, arguments.  As the attention-commanding RNC together with two of the capital’s leading think tanks indicate, a good argument is brewing.  America needs to have and win an argument about the role of good money — as in Fed policy — in fostering, rather than retarding, a climate of good job growth and equitable prosperity.

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