The Maddening Frustration of Being a Gold-standard Politician

On Friday, a gray-haired group of Jack Kemp acolytes, along with his son Jimmy, will hold forth in the U.S. Capitol's visitors center to honor the 30th anniversary of the Gold Standard Act of 1984.

Kemp's political legacy has been revivified of late, with praising pieces in The New York Times and Economist. Those articles, and others, have pointed out that a number of Kemp's policy concerns dating to the 1980s—including immigration reform and urban enterprise zones—have been taken up by a new crop of national Republican leaders, including Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

Despite all this Kempian goodwill, one of the congressman's key legislative prioritiesreturning the U.S. to the gold standardhas gone almost completely ignored.

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