Ron Paul and Rand Paul Defy the Biggest Fib Keeping Big Government Big


The gold standard, that great agent and guarantor of equitable prosperity, was, as ever, an early casualty of war.  For a century it, and far too often equitable prosperity, faced an intermittent headwind of hurricane force.  Now, with the tailwind of Peace — itself a headwind for proponents of Big Government — the gold standard becomes recoverable.  Led by Ron Paul, Lewis E. Lehrman (for whose Institute’s this writer serves as editor), Steve Forbes and others, let us now recover it.

A century of war ends.  A golden age beckons.

Do your part, gentle Reader.  Celebrate the end of a century of all-out war.  And with that celebration now let the era of Big Government, having served its purpose, to combat tyranny, draw to a close.

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