A Long View of Longevity, Fertility, Education and Income

Presentation to the Tenth Annual UNICEF-Georgetown International Development Conference (IDC).

I'm honored to address the 10th UNICEF-Georgetown International Development Conference (IDC). Since the theme of this year's conference--"Educate, Empower, Enlighten"--begins with education, and international development is simply a broad view of human development, I'd like to discuss the interconnection between longevity, fertility, education, and income. I thought this might be useful background for anyone planning to work in this area.

I'll draw on my book Redeeming Economics,[2] which includes a country-by-country model of fertility that I developed and presented at successive World Congresses of Families: WCF IV in Warsaw,[3] WCF V Amsterdam,[4] last June's Moscow Demographic Summit,[5] this year's WCF VI in Madrid[6] and the Ulyanovsk International Demographic Summit.

In the process, I'd like to compare the likely birth rates if social benefits grow as predicted under the alternatives presented in this past Tuesday's presidential election: President Barack Obama's budget and as proposed by Congressman (and GOP vice presidential candidate) Paul Ryan. If we have time, I'll conclude by discussing the reasons for the recent financial crisis and recession.

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