Material Circulated to the Gold Commission at the Request of Members

Report to the Congress of the Commission on the Role of Gold in the Domestic and International Monetary Systems

March 1982

Contents of the Commission's Permanent Record

Volume 6

IX. Material Circulated to the Gold Commission at the Request of Members

— Bostian, David B. Jr., Bostian Research Associates, "A Defense of the Reagan Administration's Economic Program," September 10, 1981.

— EMB (Ltd.) Research Economists, "The Nature and Causes of Deep Depressions," August 10, 1962; "Is a Return to the Gold Standard Feasible," October 16, 1980; "Is There an Alternative to the Gold Standard," March 25, 1981; "Developments in the Gold Market, 1980-81," June 17, 1981.

— Flood, Robert P. and Garber, Peter M., "Gold Monetization and Gold Discipline," September 1981.

— House of Commons, "Report from the Select Committee on the High Price of Gold Bullion," first printed on June 8, 1810.

— J. Aron & Co., Inc., "Gold Statistics and Analysis," January, 1981; "Annual Gold Review and Outlook," February, 1981; "Statistical Hand Book for the Symposium on Gold," September 22, 1981.

— The Joint Economic Committee, "The Gold Standard: Its History and Record Against Inflation. A study prepared for the use of the Subcommittee on Monetary and Fiscal Policy," September 18, 1981.

— Kadlec, Charles W., "The Quality of Money," May 22, 1981.

— Kadlec, Charles W. and Laffer, Arthur B., "The Monetary Crisis: A Classical Perspective," November 12, 1979.

— Laffer, Arthur B., "Reinstatement of the Dollar: The Blue Print," February 29, 1980; "A Return to Convertibility," December 19, 1980.

— Natter, Raymond, Congressional Research Service, "Legal Considerations Relating to a Return to a Gold Standard Without New Legislation," December 3, 1981.

— Wake Forest University, students of the Babcbck Graduate School of Business, "Some Economic and Political Considerations of a U.S. Move to a Gold Standard," January 15, 1982.

— Wythe, Joseph, Santiago, Chile, "Why the U.S. Must Not Return to Gold," November 4, 1981.


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