Rueff on Von Mises

"Ludwig von Mises ... demonstrated—in the most literal sense of the word—that those institutions, while claiming to contribute to man’s well-being, were the immediate sources of hardship and suf­fering and, ultimately, the causes of conflicts, war, and enslavement." -- Jacques Rueff


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From The Intransigence of Ludwig Von Mises by Jacques Rueff:

LUDWIG VON MISES is a rara avis in this twentieth century of ours, for he considers reason a valid and efficacious instrument even in the study of questions that concern economics. According to him, “any given social order was thought out and designed before it could be realized . . . any existing state of social affairs is the product of ideologies previously thought out . . . action is always directed by ideas.”


If we compare the guile of economic irrationality with the imper­turbable intransigence of his lucid thinking, Ludwig von Mises has safeguarded the foundations of a rational economic science, the value and effectiveness of which have been demonstrated by his works. By his teachings he has sown the seeds of a regeneration which will bear fruit as soon as men once more begin to prefer theories that are true to theories that are pleasing. When that day comes, all economists will recognize that Ludwig von Mises merits their admiration and gratitude. For it is he who, amidst the confu­sion of a science which tends to belie the reasons for its own exist­ence, has indefatigably affirmed the rights of reason, its supremacy over matter, and its effectiveness in human action.


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In Memoriam
Professor Jacques Rueff

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