The Reagan Gold Commission Report

Volume I

Introduction and Recommendations

Chapter 1 - Background to the Establishment of the Gold Commission

Chapter 2 - The Past Role of Gold

Chapter 3 - Types of Monetary Standard

Chapter 4 - Existing Gold Arrangements and Proposals for Change

Staff Appendix: The Gold Market

Statistical Compendium 


Volume II

Annex A - Supplementary and Dissenting Views 

Annex B - Summaries of Statements Submitted to the Commission

Annex C - Some Implications of Legal Tender Status

Annex D - Continuing Audit of the United States-Owned Gold

Annex E - Contents of the Commission's Permanent Record


Next: Legislation and Legislative History


Kathleen M. Packard, Publisher
Ralph J. Benko, Editor

In Memoriam
Professor Jacques Rueff

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