Treasury Staff Papers Prepared for the Commission

Report to the Congress of the Commission on the Role of Gold in the Domestic and International Monetary Systems

March 1982

Contents of the Commission's Permanent Record

Volume 5

VII. Treasury Staff Papers Prepared for the Commission

— Gold Commission: Procedural Questions, August 1981.

— Opinion of the General Counsel: Applicability of Certain Administrative Law Requirements to the Gold Commission, August 28, 1981.

— Legal Authority of U.S. to Reacquire Gold Transferred to IMF, November 25, 1981.

— Continuing Audit of the United States Government-Owned Gold, November 1981.

— U.S. Tax Treatment of Gold, November 1981.

— Olympic Gold Coin Legislation, November 1981.

— Gold Medallions, November 1981.

— Statistics on U.S. International Gold Trade 1975-1981, November 1981.

— Implications of U.S. Obligations in the IMF on Establishment of a "Gold Standard," December 24, 1981.

— Some Implications of Legal Tender Status of U.S. Currency. January 4, 1981.

— Abolition of Capital Gains Taxation on Certain Gold Assets. January 1981.

— 31 U.S.C. 354 Requirement for Annual Settlement, February 5, 1982.

— Emergency Authority with Respect to Private Gold Holdings. February 26, 1982.


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