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Part 2 of the NBC GOP Presidential Debate


A clip from the January 23rd NBC GOP Presidential Debate in which Newt Gingrich mentions Lewis E. Lehrman and James Grant's willingness to chair a gold commission. A partial transcript follows:

Brian Williams: Would you support a Newt Gingrich as nominee of the GOP?

Ron Paul: Well, you know, he keeps hinting about attacking the Fed and he talks about gold, and now if I could just change him on foreign policy, we might be able to talk business.

Brian Williams: Speaker Gingrich, are you willing to adjust to pick up an endorsement from Texas?

Newt Gingrich: Well, I got one on Friday from Governor Perry, which I liked a lot, as a starting point. So, I like endorsements from Texas. And Congressman Paul is right, there is an area, I think what he has said about the Federal Reserve and what he has said about the importance of monetary policy, the proposal I’ve issued for a gold commission, which harkens back to something he and Jesse Helms helped develop and which he served on in 1981, and the fact that we have people of the caliber of Lew Lehrman and Jim Grant, who agreed they would chair such a commission, I think there are areas where we can work on. There are places where we disagree very deeply, Iran is a good example, but there are places—you know, you build a coalition by finding ways you can work together, and frankly we can work together a lot more than either one of us could work with Barack Obama.


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