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When Will Fed Tapering Begin?

Lehrman Institute Chairman Lewis E. Lehrman on when the Federal Reserve may begin tapering and where to invest in this market environment. … Read more

Money, Gold, and History

Lewis E. Lehrman, President Ronald Reagan’s gold commissioner and co-signer of the iconic commission minority report, The Case for Gold, makes a rare Washington, D.C., public appearance to debut his latest work, Money, Gold, and History. In his new book, Lehrman, founder and chairman of the Lehrman Institute, compiles many of his key writings from almost 40 years of publications and complements them with new and important essays on the classical gold standard. Among the works included are his testimonies at the request of former representative Ron Paul before the …Read more

Forbes: 'Bring Back the Gold Standard'

Forbes Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes makes the argument for a sound and stable dollar. … Read more

What Is a Gold Standard?

The United States abandoned the gold standard completely in 1974. Professor Lawrence H. White discusses what the gold standard was, why it was abandoned, and whether abandoning it was a good idea. The gold standard meant that currency could be redeemed by banks for gold. The dollar had a set value that it retained. If you went to the bank in the gold-standard era before World War I, for example, you could trade $20.67 at the counter for an ounce of gold. Because the currency was guaranteed in gold, paper money based on gold had a set value. Now that we do not have a gold standard, …Read more

No End in Sight for Quantitative Easing?

Lehrman Institute Chairman Lewis E. Lehrman, Moody’s Chief Economist John Lonski and Seaport Securities’ Ted Weisberg on Fed policies’ impact on the markets. … Read more

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