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Higher Interest Rates Key to Boosting Economy, Job Growth?

Lehrman Institute Chairman Lewis E. Lehrman on Federal Reserve policy and the potential fiscal cliff’s impact on the economy. … Read more

The Gold Standard: A History and Debate 2012

George Selgin – University of Georgia
A history of the gold standard: The classical gold standard replaced the silver standard originally envisioned by America’s founders. By the beginning of WWI, the gold standard was lost – when many of the world’s countries went off the gold standard. Attempts to bring back the gold standard after WWI were not based on a true gold standard and were designed (unintentionally) to fail – to include the Bretton Woods system after WWII. Brian Domitrovic – Sam Houston State University, Author, “Econoclasts”
The argument for returning to the gold …Read more

Lewis E. Lehrman on "The Larry Parks Show" - November 29, 2012

For more than 40 years, Lewis Lehrman, Co-Chairman of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, has taken a leadership role in promulgating gold as money. Here, he discusses overcoming objections to eliminating paper money. … Read more

Lehrman Says the Gold Standard is a Means to Stabilize the Cost of Living

Lewis E. Lehrman calls in to Freedom and Prosperity Radio to discuss the current state of the U.S. economy, the impact of the election on the future outlook, and how a gold-backed monetary standard would benefit the economy. He says the gold standard is an essential means to "stabilizing the cost of living for middle class families." … Read more

Lehrman: Bernanke Placing Blame on Congress

Lewis E. Lehrman, chairman of The Lehrman Institute, weighs in on Ben Bernanke’s press conference and his latest statements on the fiscal cliff. … Read more

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