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Lewis E. Lehrman on the GOP Candidates and the Gold Standard

Lewis E. Lehrman appears on "Freedom Watch" to discuss the gold standard's role in the 2012 Presidential Campaign and for the future of the United States.  … Read more

Lewis E. Lehrman Discusses a Proposed Gold Commission on "Lou Dobbs Tonight"

Lewis E. Lehrman discusses Newt Gingrich's proposed gold commission and why the United States must return to a gold standard.  … Read more

Part 2 of the NBC GOP Presidential Debate

  A clip from the January 23rd NBC GOP Presidential Debate in which Newt Gingrich mentions Lewis E. Lehrman and James Grant's willingness to chair a gold commission. A partial transcript follows:
Brian Williams: Would you support a Newt Gingrich as nominee of the GOP? Ron Paul: Well, you know, he keeps hinting about attacking the Fed and he talks about gold, and now if I could just change him on foreign policy, we might be able to talk business. Brian Williams: Speaker Gingrich, are you willing to adjust to pick up an endorsement from Texas? Newt Gingrich: Well, I got one on Friday …
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The Benefits of a Return to the Gold Standard

Lewis E. Lehrman appears on "Cavuto" to discuss how a return to the gold standard would help the United States.  … Read more

The Road to the Gold Standard

Lewis E. Lehrman explains how the U.S. could realistically return to gold-based currency.  … Read more

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