Why America Needs the Gold Standard

Helping Families Save with Confidence Under the Gold Standard

From a study of history, the way to create confidence and trust in our business system, so that families can save with confidence, is to establish a dollar as good as gold.  … Read more

Why a Strong U.S. Dollar Creates Jobs

It is said that the Classic Gold Standard provides an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. But what does that mean? Lewis E. Lehrman provides insight.  … Read more

Paper Dollar - Fiat Currency -- Inflation or Deflation?

Lewis E. Lehrman discusses how America's paper dollar monetary system (Fiat currency) produces total instability.  … Read more

How Inflation Affects Your Retirement Plans

Lewis E. Lehrman discusses the current inflation implications for those that are planning to retire in the next 5-10 years. For those that wish to retire today under the paper money system, can expect what they have saved to this very day, to be 20-30% less 10 years from now, and it could be worse.  … Read more

Creating Jobs with the Gold Standard

American's have witnessed under both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton that a strong dollar leads to job creation. How would a return to the Gold Standard impact job creation?  … Read more

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