Who Is The Most Important Economist of the 20th Century?


Rueff’s leading intellectual protégé, at least in the United States, was American financier and philanthropist Lewis E. Lehrman (whose institute this writer professional serves).  Rueff dedicated his autobiography to Lehrman.  In the current issue of The Weekly Standard editor William Kristol knowingly observes that “[T]he wisdom of thinkers from Adam Smith to Joseph Schumpeter to Friedrich Hayek, and of statesmen from Alexander Hamilton to Ludwig Erhard to Jacques Rueff, remains available to us. And there are those who draw on those traditions and try to think anew (see, for instance, the articles by Irwin Stelzer and Lewis Lehrman in this issue).

Lehrman’s article, Romneyconomics, provides a comprehensive prescription for what ails America and the world.  In its scope and ambition this new publication resembles Jude Wanniski’s The Mundell-Laffer Hypothesis, published by Kristol’s father, Irving, in the Spring 1975 issue of The Public Interest.  The Mundell-Laffer Hypothesis dramatically shifted the discourse.  And changed the world.

The big brand names in center right economics, of course, are Smith and Friedman, Schumpeter and Mises, and, of course, the great Hayek. There are other greats, of course; these are the most iconic.  Who is Jacques Rueff?  Who has the temerity to claim that he belongs in the pantheon with Adam Smith?

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