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Steve Forbes Predicts Second Great Depression If America Does Not Follow These Steps

Publishing executive and two-time presidential candidate Steve Forbes has built a distinguished career from his financial expertise. As he the current administration’s economic policy in his latest book, he reveals several troubling signs that we might be in more trouble as a nation than even many of Obama’s fiercest critics realize. He blames the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing fiat currency for a situation he said cannot be reversed without returning to a gold standard. The entity, he explained, is engaged in “vastly misguided monetary policies” that “are now setting the stage for a new …Read more

Balancing the Budget and the Trade Deficit is Easy: Return to Gold Standard

The Daily Ticker's Lauren Lyster conducted an interesting interview today with British Member of Parliament Kwasi Kwarteng on gold and balancing the budget. Kwarteng is author of War and Gold, a Five-Hundred-Year History of Empires, Adventures, and Debt. Kwarteng notes the historic stability under gold standards, specifically citing the 2008 financial crisis and national debt level as problems related to the Fed and printing paper money. "The credit crunch, the credit bubble that preceded it, and the huge amounts of debt and deficits that we have are related to paper money," says Kwarteng. … Read more

Forbes’ Gold Fix for the U.S. Economy

The chairman of one of the country’s top financial magazines and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes’ new warning that the Federal Reserve’s elephant gun of a loose dollar policy could trigger an economic meltdown shouldn’t be ignored.  Just take a look at the warning signs already in the headlines around the globe below. Forbes advises a return to a “gold standard” as the only way to avoid disaster in his new, must-read book, , co-authored by the always sharp Elizabeth Ames (McGraw Hill, May 2014). The U.S. central bank’s "vastly misguided monetary policies are now setting the stage …Read more

Steve Forbes: Link Dollar to Gold or Face Great Depression II

Influential financial publisher and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes is out with a new warning that the U.S. faces an economic catastrophe due to the 's loose dollar policy, and returning to a strict “gold standard” is the only way to avoid disaster. In , Forbes blames 's money team for the stagnant economy, high prices, declining mobility and big government. "[The Fed's] vastly misguided monetary policies are now setting the stage for a new economic and social catastrophe — one that could rival the financial crisis and horrors of the 1930s,” he wrote in the book co-authored by …Read more

Enacting Jack Kemp's Gold Standard Will Bring Stupendous Growth to America and the World

Later this week, much of the living inner circle of Rep. Jack Kemp’s brain trust will be convening, on Capitol Hill, to observe the 30th anniversary of Kemp’s introduction of the Gold Standard Act of 1984. The Jack Kemp Foundation President Jimmy Kemp considers the gold standard the most important unfinished element of his father’s policy agenda. Enactment, in the opinion of this columnist and others, would unleash a tsunami of equitable prosperity on America and the world. The Jack Kemp Foundation, in association with American Principles in Action (which this writer serves as Senior Advisor, …Read more

Economic Adviser Benko: Gold Standard Would 'Unleash Tsunami of Prosperity'

Implementing a gold standard, as the late Rep. Jack Kemp, R-N.Y., proposed 30 years ago, would go a long way toward solving our economic problems, says Ralph Benko, senior economic adviser for American Principles in Action.

"Enactment, in the opinion of this columnist and others, would unleash a tsunami of equitable prosperity on America and the world," he writes in an article for .

Benko is optimistic that some political leader will run with Kemp's idea. "It's an appealing opportunity," he argues. "Many — Republican and Democrat — who supported the original Kemp supply-side agenda …Read more

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